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Abaram Network Solutions Reviews: IBM TS3500 Tape Library is the Answer to Your Storage Needs

As observed by Abaram Network Solutions, your storage system’s performance and accessibility can either improve or impede your business operations, whether you are a small, medium, or large organization. Fortunately, storage industry leader International Business Machines (IBM) has a solution to such issues in the form of IBM TS3500 Tape Library.

Designed to address issues revolving around long-term retention and data protection, IBM TS3500 Tape Library provides a highly-scalable, automated tape library that serves as a backup and archive solution for open-systems and mainframes.

Abaram Network Solutions can attest to IBM TS3500 Tape Library’s excellent tape drive integration, noting standout features including enduring worldwide name, media and drive exception reporting, remote management of media and drive, multipath architecture, and host-based path fallover.

To maintain the confidential nature of important data in the event backup tapes are stolen or lost, IBM TS3500 Tape Library supports tape drives boasting data encryption capabilities. This enables data security, as well as renders specialized encryption applications and host-based data encryption unnecessary, consequently decreasing host performance drain.

IBM TS3500 Tape Library manages many storage issues. It is equipped with storage-only library frames featuring high-density slots with the facility to considerably boost the overall capacity of a library while maintaining a reduced physical footprint. When high-density frames are employed, it can even store a maximum of 900 PB of compressed data using 3592 cartridges, or 600 PB of compressed data using LTO cartridges.

IBM meanwhile offers an array of management software options for TS3500 to allow for the centralization of tape management. Abaram Network Solutions has also observed that the power of TS3500 may be given an additional boost via integration with IBM’s other storage management solutions.

In today’s world, individuals and establishments face increasing storage needs as data centers find themselves running out of floor space, and the use of social media, mobile, and cloud technologies keep growing. Thankfully, IBM TS3500 Tape Library, with its low-cost, high-density, and high-capacity storage characteristics, serves as an answer to these problems.

If you would like to know more about Abaram Network Solutions’ IBM products, we invite you to examine our site and check out network hardware reviews.


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