Abaram Network Solutions – Business Phones for Small Businesses

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Abaram Network Solutions – Business Phones for Small Businesses

Choosing business phones for small businesses can be quite difficult, says Abaram Network Solutions. Startups sometimes literally start from scratch. They need to get things up and running fast, and bothering with their phone lines is the last thing they need to do; yet at the same time, they know it’s a necessity. Choosing a business phone is just as important a decision as everything else.

Business lines, after all, allow your company to communicate with clients all over the world. Abaram Network Solutions knows the importance of effective communications tools, which is why they offer effective VoIP solutions for small businesses at the right price; making things for startups more streamlined and efficient.

When choosing the right VoIP phone for your business, you should consider the following features: the voice quality, multitasking abilities, and other special features. If there’s one IP phone that comes into mind, that’s Polycom VVX 600.

The newest model from Polycom’s lauded business phone line, this business phone is for everybody—small- and large-scale businesses alike—but most importantly, for people who think highly of order and organization. It improves upon its previous model, the VVX 500, and takes it up a notch, featuring a 4.3-inch screen to go with the phone. It combines the functionality of computers and smartphones by becoming a smart business phone itself. It has multi-tasking features that allow you to access your email on your IP phone. It also has a built-in camera, making video calls possible in situations that call for it.

What makes the VXX 600 even more notable is that unlike other business phones, it’s relatively easy to install and set up. This makes the $195 cost a good investment as it gives huge returns in the form of reduced administration and maintenance costs.

Choosing the right small business phone system can be quite difficult as mentioned above but Abaram Network Solutions can help you with that. For more than 30 years, this independent distributor of network hardware has developed insights on network infrastructure. They can help you find the right VoIP solutions for small businesses, allowing your startup to thrive.


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